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Quick Pay

Flexible options to get paid faster.

Things to Know

With Quick Pay, carriers can get paid faster to help maintain a steady cash flow. Get paid in two, seven, or 15 days—your choice!


  • Multiple Quick Pay options to choose from:
    • 2-day for 3% discount
    • 7-day for 2% discount
    • 15-day for 1% discount (NEW!)
  • Dedicated team to handle invoice processing & payment status requests
  • Electronic payments sent securely via ACH


Please note, changes to your account may take up 15 days to complete processing, and Quick Pay terms will be active from the date of Quick Pay activation onward, not including preceding loads or loads delivered while awaiting completion of the request.


New terms are not retroactive. Every load completed after Quick Pay activation will be posted for payment either 2-days, 7-days or 15-days after receipt of invoice, POD and accessorial receipts (if applicable), according to the option selected.


Loads delivered before or while awaiting completion of your Quick Pay/ACH setup request will pay out per the terms in place at the time of delivery (no Quick Pay fees will be applied to those loads).


While awaiting Quick Pay activation, please continue to send load paperwork to carrierpaperwork@xpo.com or via Transflo.


Once activated, Quick Pay carriers should only submit invoices and required paperwork to:


  • quickpay@xpo.com
  • Transflo/Velocity mobile app. Additionally, here is a video tutorial on how to set up and use Transflo. XPO’s Transflo Codes are XPOL at a truckstop, or XPOLV on the mobile app.

How to Sign Up

To get started, please download the form and send it to quickpaysetup@xpo.com with a copy of a voided check.


Need Additional Info

Note: you won’t automatically be enrolled in Quick Pay once the contact form is submitted. The XPO Quick Pay Team will reach out to you within 24-48 business hrs. to answer your Quick Pay questions.

Prefer to contact us by phone?

Give us a call at 855-976-5623 Ext 5223136.