XPO Connect for Managed Transportation

Get visibility and analytics to help reduce costs and expose inefficiencies


XPO Connect's multi-modal integrated solution creates an optimized logistics and supply chain environment, providing real-time business intelligence and streamlined process execution. We roll out Connect using the Managed Transportation business implementation methodology, ensuring smooth, rapid integration with our clients’ systems to help them gain efficiencies and savings quickly.


In addition, Connect is integrated with XPO’s TMS to allow customers to deploy proprietary and packaged applications to thousands of stakeholders across suppliers, vendors, customers and transport providers.

Experience the Difference

XPO’s award-winning Connect platform and propriety TMS offer our clients a robust IT experience without significant up-front investment. Our in-place technology solutions, expert IT professionals and ISO 20000 and ISO/IEC 27001-certified processes support high-performance supply chains while minimizing risk. Customers experience the difference as our teams add value across the supply chain, leveraging technology. Learn more below:


  • Fully Integrated Solution: XPO offers a suite of integrated logistics and supply chain applications, with Connect as the main user interface.
  • Real-Time Visibility and Reporting: XPO Connect provides real-time visibility of inventory, orders, shipments, deliveries, exceptions and other key service level indicators, as well as comprehensive online reporting and the ability to integrate carrier operations.
  • Rapid, Low-Risk Implementation: XPO’s enterprise application integration (EAI) framework, Connection Manager, Dell’s Boomi and IBM’s B2B Integrator compose a proven platform that quickly integrates with our clients’ systems. Our in-house IT personnel have extensive experience with a variety of ERP systems.
  • Process-Driven IT Organization: XPO’s technology services group uses ISO 20000 and ISO/IEC 27001-certified processes, industry standards and best practices to manage our supply chain applications.

Managed Transportation Technology Case Studies

Learn how XPO Connect and other technology tools have helped customers to solve problems

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