XPO Connect for Intermodal and Drayage

Powered by Rail Optimizer 2.0, XPO Connect gives real-time tracking updates and analytics that deliver results.


We designed the Connect platform to ensure high visibility for our Intermodal customers.


Our flexible, cloud-based platform integrates the entire intermodal process in real time, including operations and communication. Drayage drivers are equipped with mobile communication devices, and all XPO containers are digitally monitored, including geolocation and automated status notifications. Rail Optimizer integrates in to provide constant communication with the railroads and flags unforeseen delays, such as weather disruptions. All of this information is available to you.


Our tech team can integrate XPO Connect and Rail Optimizer with your enterprise, warehouse management and supply chain management systems via EDI or the web. This gives you direct visibility into the status of your cargo.

XPO Connect Components

With real-time visibility into freight status, up-to-the-minute delivery tracking and suggestions for making your transport more cost-effective, XPO Connect gives you the control you're looking for. Find out more below:


  • Real-Time Visibility: Track in-transit containers as they enter or exit rail ramps and shipping ports. View events, stops, status changes and appointments.
  • Actionable Insights: Meaningful analytics reveal cost-savings opportunities, on-time performance, EDI compliance and recommendations for reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Document Management: Easily view and download critical transportation documents including proof of delivery and bill of lading. 

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