XPO Connect for Global Forwarding

On-demand, up-to-the-minute visibility for all your shipments, regardless of mode or location.


In an increasingly complex ecosystem for global trade, XPO Connect simplifies supply chains and gives global shippers a competitive edge.


XPO Connect can handle every aspect of your global shipping operations. Through a vast network of integrations with the world’s largest air and ocean carriers, you’ll gain direct visibility into every shipment whether it’s on the ground, sea, or in the air.

XPO Connect Components

From first mile to last, XPO Connect™ offers an easy to access platform for shippers, carriers and drivers to engage, transact and track freight in real-time. Gain direct visibility into every one of your shipments. Specifically, with XPO Connect, you can:


  • Watch Routes in Real-Time: track shipment status in real-time and view up-to-date weather and traffic alerts.
  • Manage Updates On-the-Go: easily view and manage all of your shipments right from one screen, with options to search by keyword, date and mode.
  • Access Details On Demand: Drill into individual shipments details to view location and tracking status updates, events, milestones, containers, goods and orders. 
  • 24x7 Support: chat support from anywhere in the world, without ever picking up the phone.

Contact XPOConnectSupport@xpo.com or call us at 855-976-9165