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XPO Fuel Card Program

Save on Fuel Nationwide

Program Overview

  • Enjoy extra fuel savings of 1¢ - 4¢/gallon on top of regular fuel program discounts, depending on your Rewards tier (Click here to learn more about XPO Carrier Rewards)
  • The XPO Fuel Card Program is part of XPO Carrier Rewards. It provides you with the savings, convenience and flexibility while fueling up at major truck stops nationwide.
  • Carriers have the ability to save over $1K/month per card
  • No gallon minimum
  • Accepted at over 9,000 stations in North America with varying discounts
  • Programs available for owner-operators, small fleets and large fleets
  • Fuel-only card, or fuel-plus-maintenance option


Give us a call at 704-496-7238 to learn more or apply now!


Rates subject to change

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