XPO Connect Digital Freight Marketplace Case Study

Manufacturer reduces shipping and tracking costs by more than 30% while increasing customer satisfaction with XPO Connect


One of the largest PVC manufacturers in the United States was experiencing increased downtime due to late shipments. They also had excessive administrative overhead when trying to track their freight. They decided to find a solution for delivering on-time shipments and improved shipping visibility. Ultimately, they wanted to provide an exceptional service to their customers.


The manufacturer struggled to provide clear and timely Proofs of Delivery (POD) to construction customers, resulting in costly delays for their onsite work crews. Additionally, they were spending too much time calling for important tracking updates. To keep customers happy and margins healthy, they needed a change.


By using XPO Connect, a centralized platform for real-time shipment visibility and status updates, the manufacturer immediately enjoyed several benefits:

  • Instant access to Proof of Delivery documents. XPO Connect lets the shipper download PODs within minutes. This removes unnecessary communication between the carrier and dispatcher.
  • Improved access to real-time shipment status. Tracking is crucial in the manufacturing industry. XPO Connect displays real-time tracking that keep the manufacturer’s customers more informed.
  • Enhanced administrative and customer payment process XPO Connect provides fast access to the shipper’s Bills of Lading and invoices in the Billing tab.
  • Increased accountability. XPO Connect optimizes communications with the manufacturer’s end customers, which helps reduce the risk of back charges.


  • Saved thousands of hours per month spent on manual tracking solutions
  • Saved a substantial amount per year on delay charges
  • Realized new efficiencies by streamlining many daily activities
  • Enhanced communication tools
  • Increased service levels, resulting in happy customers and improved retention