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XPO Carrier Rewards

Save big on fuel, earn special bonuses and more.

We Appreciate You

XPO Carrier Rewards is free and easy to join. Sign up for XPO Connect™ and start earning rewards automatically. Simply move XPO Connect™ loads each month and maintain a minimum carrier score. As you rise to higher rewards tiers, you’ll enjoy special bonuses along the way.


Save on Fuel as You Gain Rewards Status

The XPO Fuel Card Program is part of XPO Carrier Rewards. It provides you with the savings, convenience and flexibility while fueling up at major truck stops nationwide. Enroll to start enjoying the benefits:


  • Enjoy extra fuel savings of 1¢ - 4¢/gallon on top of regular fuel program discounts, depending on your Rewards tier
  • Accepted at over 7,500 stations in North America with varying discounts
  • Programs available for owner-operators, small fleets and large fleets


Rates subject to change


Fuel Card Benefits

  • Fuel-only card, or fuel-plus-maintenance option
  • Special discounts at network locations nationwide
  • 24/7 card controls, including purchasing authority
  • Online reporting and account maintenance features
  • Flexible payment options

Contact us to get started! Email fuelcards@xpo.com or call (704) 496-7238.

XPO Tire Program

Purchase premium tires at deep discounts.

Save an Average of $40/Tire

The XPO Tire Program gives you access to national account status with most major tire brands, with access to discounted pricing locally and over-the-road.


  • Consistent Nationwide Pricing. Pay the same low price, whether you buy over-the-road or at your local dealer.
  • 24/7/365 Coverage. Call us around the clock, and get access to our emergency roadside service program.
  • No Minimum Purchase. Buy only the number of tires you want at any given time
  • Retain Your Local Service. Buy and receive service from your local dealer, and still receive our national account service pricing.

Save on These Top Brands

Contact us to get started! Email tires@xpo.com or call (704) 496-7238.

Rewards Program Details

Carrier Score: Based on On-time Pickup and Delivery, Low Bounce Rate, and Auto-Tracking. Check your Connect Dashboard to learn more.

Fuel Savings: All carriers are eligible to apply XPO’s core Fuel Card Program through which they can save 30¢/gallon on average at participating stations. Rewards Program carriers can earn up to an additional 4¢/gallon on top of the regular savings.

Status Bonus: As a Rewards Program carrier, you'll receive a one-time cash reward when you enter a new Rewards Program tier and book loads digitally on XPO Connect™. Depending on the tier, carriers earn $50/load carried, or up to $250 total. The reward is provided in $50 increments, at a maximum of $50 per load.

Anniversary Bonus: As a Rewards Program carrier, you'll receive a cash reward on the date you originally signed up for XPO Connect™. Depending on the tier, carriers earn $50/load carried, or up to $250. The reward is provided in $50 increments, or a max of $50 can be used per load.

View complete Terms and Conditions in XPO Connect™.

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