XPO Carrier Rewards

Save big on fuel, earn special bonuses, and more.

XPO Awards Top Brokerage Carriers of 2021

A year ago, we started our Top Brokerage Carriers Award recognition after creating our Carrier Rewards program in late 2019.

XPO Awards Top Brokerage Carriers of 2020

Lou announces XPO's inaugural brokerage carrier award celebration

XPO Fuel Card Program

XPO Fuel Card Program

Save on Fuel Nationwide

Accepted at over 9,000 stations in North America

Quick Pay

Quick Pay

Flexible Options to Get Paid Faster

2-day, 7-day or 15-day

Maintenance and Roadside Assistance

Maintenance and Tire Discounts

With exclusive partnerships, get great discounts on maintenance, tires and labor, plus roadside assistance.

NAWP Insurance

NAWP Insurance

Partnership with NAWP provides 3rd party insurance to carriers.* 

Rand McNally

Rand McNally

Save on Maps, Navigation, Road Travel, and Trip Planning 

Discounts on leading technology. 

Save $20 on Bluetooth Headsets

Save $20 on Bluetooth Headsets

Top-rated Headsets from Blue Tiger

Hands-free, industry-leading noise cancellation

Carrier Grants

Join the Sustainability Movement for Carriers

From electrification to alternative fuel tax credits and green trucking accessories, there is something for all.


Carrier Score: Based on On-time Pickup and Delivery, Low Bounce Rate, and Auto-Tracking. Check your Connect Dashboard to learn more.

Fuel Savings: All carriers are eligible to apply XPO’s for Fuel Card Program through which they can save 40¢/gallon on average at participating stations. Rewards Program carriers can earn up to an additional 4¢/gallon on top of the regular savings.

Status Bonus: Carriers receive one-time reward credits when they enter a new rewards tier which can be used for loads booked online. Depending on their rewards program tier, carriers earn status credits of $50 each totaling up to $250. A maximum of one $50 credit can be used per load

Anniversary Bonus: Carriers receive a quarterly reward credit based on the tier the carrier reaches in that quarter. Depending on their rewards program tier, carriers earn credits of $50 each totaling up to $150. A maximum of one $50 credit can be used per load booked online in XPO Connect or Drive XPO.

View complete Terms and Conditions in XPO Connect™.


  • Where can I see my bonus status? Log in now to check your rewards bonus status. In the right hand corner of the XPO Connect dashboard, you'll see your company name, carrier score and tier. Click here to view your bonus status.
  • I've redeemed bonuses in the past, can I see past transactions? Yes! Once viewing your bonus status in XPO Connect dashboard, click 'View Summary' under 'Total Reward Credit Available'.
  • How can I redeem my reward? When booking loads on XPO Connect™ or Drive XPO (iOS or Google Play) click the checkbox next to ‘Claim $50 From Reward Balance’.
  • How many rewards may I redeem at once? Redeem rewards in $50 increments, one per load.
  • Why did I receive this bonus? With the Carrier Rewards program, you're eligible to receive Status and Anniversary Bonuses. Status Bonuses are generated when you enter a new Rewards tier and book loads on XPO Connect™. Anniversary Bonuses are rewarded on the date you originally signed up for XPO Connect™

Contact carrierrewards@xpo.com for any questions.