Technology that’s enhancing every aspect of your logistics experience


XPO Connect is a break-through transportation technology platform that helps shippers and carriers make informed decisions leveraging an integrated platform right for every mode of transportation.


With real-time visibility into freight status, up-to-the-minute delivery tracking, and suggestions for making your transport more cost-effective, XPO Connect gives you the control you’re looking for. And because everyday tasks are streamlined and automated, you can do more in less time.

Multi-Mode Transportation Platform

Smart, transparent, accessible and scalable. With XPO Connect, you can have it all.

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  • Real-time tracking from pickup to delivery
  • Risk management notification to keep you alert to delays or issues
  • Digital marketplace for quoting and booking
  • Self-service analytics and key insights
  • Compile critical paperwork in one platform

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  • Post, search and book loads
  • Full load details displayed
  • Real-time bids and counteroffers
  • Backhaul locator feature
  • Access Rewards Program

Digital Freight Marketplace


XPO Connect has ready capacity, transparent pricing, painless bookings and real-time tracking


XPO Connect for LTL is intelligent, accessible, multimodal automation to help you streamline your brokered LTL transactions.


Win the loads that best fit your equipment, routes, schedule and preferred freight profile.

Last Mile

XPO Connect for Last Mile was built for speed, to ensure you have end-to-end visibility of your deliveries.

Intermodal and Drayage

Powered by Rail Optimizer 2.0, XPO Connect for Intermodal gives you real-time tracking updates and analytics that deliver results.

Managed Transportation

Get visibility and analytics to help reduce costs and expose inefficiencies with XPO Connect for Managed Transportation.

Global Forwarding

XPO Connect for Global Freight Forwarding gives you on-demand, up-to-the-minute visibility for all your shipments, regardless of mode or location.

API Solutions

API solutions to simplify and expedite the transportation fulfillment process

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